tbh­ Відгуки


Vary good app

Just a suggestion

Dontcha just love sending a risky TBH and replying only to be crumbled by anxiety on whether they saw it or not? No? Well then let's get read receipts up there people come on.

TBH for tbh

Awesome app I can talk to my friends and vote on who is most likely to win the lottery it's great you should get it and it's free


Love it


ok so this app is not fair cuz i dont have a flippin number so it doesnt work!!!!!!!! find a better way tbh


Cool app dudes, should totes get it yeah


I have no words. It my favorite app.


I just wish you could see who sent you the things


Awesome game

Sounds fun but

My state is working but my shook isn't added to it

Good but

Good but the waiting time is to long I have to wait like 138 hours so I can play again it is so annoying and it is glitchy just fix the waiting time and I won't think about deleting the app



I like trains

Hiyah bro totes stay woke game

Great app lolol

Rlly good

Email Sign-Up

Can u please add email sign up? I don't have a number, and I rlly want to use this app! It looks so GOOD. PLEASE, Add email sign-up! No joke, I use email apple ID, so...can't sign up with Phone Number. Thanks! Please do this. And thanks, for understanding!

Love, love, love!

Amazing app! The polls are great, I love the reply option. I think there should be a status update feed or just where you can post a status with a certain limit of posts and then you have to delete other ones in order to post again so it doesn’t flood peoples “Friday’s feeds.” Other than that, I love it!❤️


Awesome... Awesome... JUST AWESOME NO WORDS

super fun

love this

Tbh is amazing!

Tbh is a game where you can make up your own questions and you can answer them about your friends. The best part is that no one knows who you are! 🤣😂😍😜🤗


Amazing app and works great!


I wish we could know who sent the tbhs it would make people feel better.


When you want to get to your account it is not so easy but on the other hand you can text on the game and and send emojis 🤓

I don't know what's better this or Snapchat

This gets me more connected to my friends, family, and girlfriend

I Love It!!

This app honestly makes my day, there’s no negativity involved either! It’s super fun too :)


I absolutely love this app but I wish that they would show how many people have voted for the person

Restring this app

This app is awesome and sort of really personal

Gotta be honest- pretty good

Its a good way to see how you come across as a person. I thought I was a much bigger Ahole but now I know better.

Tbh, this app is great

I really enjoy this app!

It’s okay.

I can never get the notifications to go off my home screen and it’s annoying.


This game is very addicting. There's a weird lag though after getting more than 25 friends. I don't know if this is an Internet thing, an issue with the app, or just the fact that I have an iPhone 4.

Great to find out what other peolpe are like


Best app

Best way to take and play with friends


Love polls

The new thing

Spreads hecka positivity and is a very exciting app I would love it if you have Direct Messages without the Reply Action though

Great App

Only change I would make is an “all” option

Took reply off

It’s not as fun anymore that u can’t reply. I liked to see people’s responses and I think that is super dumb that u would take that off. U don’t have clues anymore and isn’t that the point of the app?


This is all some


I just got this app and so far I'm loving it❤️❤️

Love It

I love it it’s is a really fun and positive app

Great for teens and tweens!

I love this app❤️

Cool app

Good app


I am so impressed by the amount of positivity I have seen and felt thanks to this app. I love how it has affected me and everyone around me! Literally my only complaint is that only the first letter of the last name is capitalized (rather than exactly as it is on the profile) because my last name is hyphenated and only the first of the two names is capitalized (and even that is not even big complaint). Aside from that I am 100% in support of this app.


This game or app is awesome! It make you feel si good, and is only positive. This can make your day in so many ways.

TBH review

This app is really interesting and cool

I love tbh

Tbh is such a fun app. I use it all the time and it just boosts my confidence!


This app is amazing! It is so fun to play. I only gave it 4 because of all of the wating that you have to do.


I bet this is a really cool app BUT it wont send me a code ( yes I’ve double checked to make sure the number was right & I pressed resend code at least 6 times and still nothing ) please let me sign up with email!!!

Rate game

This game is the best game to rate your friends I love this game😊


It’s pretty fun

Self esteem booster

At first I thought it was another platform for people to anonymously insult you, but once I found out it was all positive, I immediately joined and it made my day.

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