tbh­ Відгуки

Nice app



It’s really good!! You can see what people think of you, and can connect with people.It also helps you see people in a new way.

TBH rating

This is a really good app for stress relief and when your having a bad day !keep it up


I love it

Bottom line: GET THIS APP

The only reason I gave it four out of five stars is because the app would not let me turn off the post notifications so my phone was just like... DING DING DING😂 But anyway... this app is so great because u can see what people think off u.

Love it!

It’s a very fun app to “play” on I guess you could say. It’s fun to see what your friends think of you, definitely recommend.


For real. This app is sooo fun it’s addicting and there’s no bad questions only positive ones. It can really make you feel good about yourself’s


This app shows all positive and nothing but positive


Soooo fun totally obsessed!!! I just wish u didnt have to wait as long for more!!!

Tbh review

Best app I’ve had so farr🙌👏👌👌👌👌👌🤤🤤🤤😏😏

Cool but...

The app in general is really cool! But my best friend does not have an iPhone and she cannot install it. She has the play store as in every Android. Could u please add it there. I really want her to get it


Love this app so fun


It is awesome. Good quality not slow at all. Also you can tell people the truth without them knowing you said it. It’s epic. I encourage you to get it


Cool game I love it but why should we wait 50 some minutes to play a fun game that makes people happy when there sad and yea so it’s a nice game but a slow and annoying game. love Anna chicken nugget


The app keeps telling me that I must enter a valid phone number on the sign-up page! My phone number IS valid it just doesn’t make sense.

Love this app

I love this app it lets you communicate with your friends in a whole new way and once you receive a pole you want to know who it’s from and you can send a revile request and find out how it’s from

This Is my favorite game

Get it it’s worth ur GB

Cool app

Best Social Media app EVER!!🤯

This app is lit🔥🔥

You can answer all kinds of questions about your friends! If you have a crush on someone and you want to answer a flirty question, it is TOTALLY anonymous!!!! I love playing this app when I'm bored or just when I have extra time! I would definitely recommend it!👍🏻


Really simple to work with.


The app is okay but I think there should be more to it

Great game....

OMG! THIS GAME IS GREAT! I love how you answer questions about someone and it goes to them anonymously!!! If ur into Social Media and stuff, check this game out!


Nothing wrong with it

Great app

I like it a lot, you should get it!

Love it

The app is a good app but, you guys need to make it better jk love it❤️❤️

It’s okay

I like this app. But I don’t really like how it will always give notifications saying “new polls now”


It is great for a while then everyone just got bored of it. IT DEFINITELY NEEDS MORE FEATURES


It’s a fine game... I accidentally changed my name and I can’t change it back. So annoying!


You can do as many things as you think you can ask someone out you can tell someone something that you are just too scared to tell them in person. And if you regret telling them you don’t have to reveal yourself. When you vote someone it’s completely anonymous

five outta five

Great app to find out what people really think about you

Great, but...

AWESOME but I feel like instead of only being able to search for usernames, we should be able to search for the person's real name too!

Good, but one thing

I like it, it is a great app, but it never lets the polls I submit be in the app, even if they’re not good. 😀😕


Except you need lots of people on here in order for it to be fun


It is stupid and inappropriate for kids I won’t let my daughter use this app

Super cool

Super cool when it came out boring now



its good.. but

i like tbh but i get constant notifications for absolutely nothing.

A really good app

but i wish i had friends to use it

It has died

There is no bringing it back it has died and there is no fixing it u messed up so get your life back to in order


Was lots of fun but the phase only lasts a few days so they should just stop


To be honest I LOVE IT


Love it

Great app



my crush added me and one of the polls was “who is drop down hot” i picked my crush and he kept asking ppl who did it i never confessed🤷🏽‍♀️😏


The best thing


This is a fun app that tells you what people think about you. I like this app a lot because I can find out what people think about me.

Tbh is the best app

Fast and easy and is awesome


This is a really good app definitely get it

Worst app in the entire world

This app is a piece of crap whoever created this should be ashamed it won’t even send me a code to make a account like what type of app is this a huge waste of time don’t even bother


It’s good but it sometimes send random notifications but I like it a lot it really lets people say what they really think about you and feel safe doing it

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