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Liked it at first, but got old with my friends and my peers stopped using it.

TBH I used to go on almost everyday when I first got it when my friend told me about it. I had fun seeing what my friends and peers thought about me. When we all knew what we thought of each other, everyone at my school stopped using the app. My friends and I don’t even have the app anymore because we deleted it. It was amazing at first and it got boring.

Good app

Good and fun app


I’m really going to miss this app I appreciate it to those who created this game it was really fun rating friends fault and ppl you get to know thank you for this app I experienced a lot about what ppl thought about me


This app is Amazing❣️

love it

you get to let out your honest opinion about people in the form of a vote, while keeping it anonymous ; makes it more fun & i love how it says the gender ; i love and hate how you don’t know who it is 💛

Great App!!!

I love this app so so sooo much! Me and my friends are constantly on it and we love it! I’m not sure what to do with the diamonds but besides that, its great!!!


They should use an email or Facebook account to verify people instead of a phone number.

Just got it

I love this app to find out who hates and who likes You ....



It was amazing. Sad to see I️t go 😢

This app was amazing to me and really helped me to think more on the positive side of people rather then focus On the bad and the differences that people have. lts sad to see lt go buy l had a great experience with this app. Thank you to the people who created this app. Couldn’t have asked for more.

Pretty good

This app is pretty good, it’s a pretty good app because it’s fun and interesting to see how your friends think about you and there’s not many apps where you can do that so this app is very unique.

Why I like tbh.

I like this app because it’s very funny and gives you something fun to do when your bored or your with your friends.😁😁


I love this app

Good app but a problem

So this is a great app, but not all my contacts show up on the invite list. Can u please change that?

It’s OK

it gets a little boring after awhile but it’s exciting

Tbh rocks

TBH shouldn’t go down we just need more people to help save TBH. Come on guys let’s help save TBH


I am so sad to see this app go! This app makes me happy when I am sad and over all makes me feel good. You should get this app well you can it will make you happy and laugh on bad day! From: Ella

Uplifting and Fun

Like some people my age, my parents are hesitant to let me have social media platforms because of their reputations of cyber bullying and causing feelings to get hurt, as well as online stalkers. However, this app steers well clear of all these problems! It’s exciting to see what your friends think about you, it makes you feel good about yourself. Also, you don’t have to worry about what other people think about your opinions, because your completely anonymous, which is not needed, but still makes this app fun. The security is great! The few things that this app displays about your identity can easily be blocked. 10/10😄

6/5 Stars

So much fun! No negativity! I can’t believe it is shutting down! Get it when you still can! Ended August 2nd!


I am really sad to know that this app is leaving, but as a 8th grader, I had a lot of fun using this app and getting my friends on to this app. I have so many memories that I won’t forget. I hope you create something like this in the upcoming future. I wish you the best of luck on your next project. Overall, this was the best experience I ever had!! Thank you so much!!!


This app had been amazing! It’s a simple way to tell your friends how you feel about them. But sadly they’re closing the app...While I’ve had the app it has been awesome, I just hope they come back.


probably varies from school to school, but literally no one at my school uses this anymore. i downloaded it because i heard a lot of people were using it, and that was true. i woke up every morning with upwards of 20 notifications from this app. it seemed like a hit. for about two weeks. after that, i got maybe one or two tbh’s every three weeks. it’s just dead. used to be cool i guess. the app sat on my phone for months until i finally deleted it, because nobody uses it anymore. i’ve talked to a lot of people who said they deleted the app too, “because it’s stupid”. you can download the app, but its life is very short.

Mr gay ded

I got hit by a truck while playing this lol I love this game more that Pokémon go and I would like you to go follow my insta at Davis.is.cool #dontleavetoiletseatup

super helpful

i loved all the positivity and actually ended up meeting my current boyfriend on it :)


This game is really fun to play with all your friends

GREAT but..

I Think it’s a great app, but I think there should be more things to do or more ways to earn/spend gems.


Stop sending me unnecessary notifications!! I have looked all over the app to see what is new and i still have 2 notifications


Really funny to see what people will say about you

Love this app so fun

I’m in middle school and everyone has it!!But 1 problem I want to reply and I don’t have instergram Snapchat or messager please bring back the reply!!!!



Truly read this

It’s a really good app. I’m in love with it! But just a warning don’t ulcer children use this app unless there 11 or older.

Really fun and cool!! But...

Tbh is a super fun app where you can give your anonymous opinion about your friends. You can even reply and reveal yourself if you want!! And, the great thing is that it only shows you people from your school, so no creepy stalkers can reach you. But... the app gets a little boring after a while and people stop using it. Maybe change it up a bit every once in a while so people can remain interested??

Shuffle doesn’t work

This app is great, but when I press the shuffle button, it shuffles the people that are already on option and puts them in a new order. So instead of giving me a new set of people to choose from (like it does for my friend), it shuffles the current people so they’re in a different order. I would greatly appreciate it if it was fixed so when I press shuffle, I actually get new people to choose from.


I have had this game for a few months and really enjoy it! It is good for when you are sad and need a pickup. I love seeing that my friends and family really do care about me


It’s a good app. It lets you and your friends have fun.

Pretty good

It is a really good app for you do confess your feeling to your crush without them knowing it’s you 😂😂 I mean I personally haven’t but I’ve seen other people do it 😂

Tbh i love it!!

TBH is a great way to let people know how amazing they really are! Sometimes you can be secretive about it to and not worry about being made fun of for it♥️ i love TBH and finding out what people think of me as a friend🙂

Awesome app but,

This is an amazing app all my friends use it and it really increases my self confidence whenever I read something that says I have a contagious smile however I would like to see a notification when your poll that you created, gets reviewed but over all, I love this app!

I ❤️ tbh

Tbh is so fun! My friends and I love playing this game, I especially enjoy seeing all of the things my friends like about me! It is also fun to tell my friends what they are good at and what makes them special. These are the reasons why I love tbh!

True votes

I think that the bars that come up when you answer the question should be true and not like 90 to 100% every time like you should get some wrong every once in a while but great game

Fix this please!!!!!!

I had an old account then I got a new number and I couldn’t sign in with my old account with all my gems!!!!!

Love it.

❤️❤️❤️ I wish they'd have another app like that

cute at app!

just got and love it!

App Store rules violation

Your app send user invites via a quiz user interface. It’s in direct violation of the new App Store guideline (see 5.1.2/v). Please change it as you are in risk of a ban from Apple

Is this safe?

Is this safe?

Poll is the best app I have

I really like this app



Love it!

Love seeing what my friends and family think of me.


It’s a really fun app but I wish you didn’t have to wait to answer more questions :(

Idk sry

Great app but everyone only rly still cares abt the romance and feelings part tbh😂💗

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