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Ummm.... well I have a question how do you change your name and profile pic?? Other than that its great 👍🏻!!!


I have entered my phone number in correctly multiple times but I still don’t receive a code.

Okay but need quite a few improvements

Hello. I have quite a few complaints about this app. First, get rid of the skip option. You answer a total of 15 questions, but when you don’t want to answer a question you should be able to change it and not just skip it. It takes up one of you opportunities to answer a question and it is kinda dumb. Second, you should be able to shuffle more than once. Third, this app is a good idea, but not good enough to keep everyone interested. Forth, after you answer 15 questions you have to wait an hour or add/invite friends to continue. NEVER ADD OR INVITE. WAIT YOUR HOUR! I say this because I was impatient and I clicked on add/invite friends. I added 509 people (dangerous bc I didn’t know 500 of them) and invited all 104 of my contacts. I waited 2 months and I still could not do it bc instead of waiting an hour I had to continue adding and inviting. Last, this app is very boring after about a week. You loose interest very quickly. Some positive things about it is you can be honest with your friends in a funny way. I would not however recommend this app.


It is really fun and enjoy it with my friends

Love it

I love this app it’s so fun!


This game is fun but I can get boring at one point u can also make new friends but is is not that amazing. But u can still download the app to try it .👍🏻

Great App

This app is pretty great overall just maybe the questions don’t all have to be about love and more about independence and grateful for who you are.


I can’t login to mine though like now I have to start over

Tbh review

Really cool app! It’s fun and positive

TBH Game

Is a good game! I really like how I can pick anonymously and my friends will receive notifications! But I don’t like how the app send me notifications all the time.


Litty titty


It’s pretty littttt



Too long but fun

You have to wait an hour for fifteen questions... but when I get them I’m like really into it

It’s k

This trash


When I first started using the app it was amazing Then just everyone stopped using it I wonder why

Love it!

It's the app that lets friends have a great laugh and even get closer to your boo/crush!😊❤️

Love this app


Best ever

This game gets you to secretly find out your girl or boy friend

Can I change it back to the original way?

I liked the app, until the new messaging update, I prefer it the other way


This app was good until replying to gems got removed. I communicated so much using that and enjoyed figuring out who sent me them gem. Extremely dissatisfied. Please enable that again!!!


is so good


This game is really cool I loveeeeee this game it is awesomeness



Used to be great

Used to love the app but now when I get a TBH I can’t reply to the person that sent it.

Pretty fun

It’s an awesome app for when your bored and you want your friends to know some of the things people think of them

New update

It’s horrible


I love this app. I think that is a good rlly fun app. Other wise, I think hat it could be boring. I think that “TBH”is a good game but I think that it should have the percentages of the people who chose this, or have how many people chose that.( but not the person who did)

Hate the new update



Tbh this is a great app that I would recommend to everyone!


The app says it twelve and up! I put the age twelve my real age and it says I'm too young!


This is just a fun app and easy to play

Can’t get past the account creator

Every time I try to click next after I create a username, a message pops up saying “Make sure you’re connected to the internet, and try again.” And the internet works fine with any other app, but for some reason it doesn’t work on this one. I’ve tried re-downloading it and resetting my phone, but nothing works. I just want to be able to create an account, thanks

Works but now it doesn’t

Was working all day then got home and it says not connected to internet check connection but all other apps are working fine.

So Fun!

It’s a great app and I really recommend it for young tweens and teens. 👍

Great and fun but....

I love this it's a lot of fun, but I'd really like it if we didn't have to wait a certain amount of time to ask answer more questions.


This app is so fun! You can interact and vote with your friends, and collect gems. I got would definitely recommend getting this app!💖💗


5 STARS!!!! I have been playing this game for so long and it’s extremely fun




Do the admins even look at submitted polls?



I don’t understand

I don’t understand how to use the new update it’s really confusing and I don’t get how to vote


people literally used this app at my school for 2-3 weeks and then no one really cared for it. app’s boring as heck

No code

I have had this app before and I tried to go back and log in however I have tried many times and I’m not getting sent the code

Good idea but gets boring

It was a pretty good app, during the summer. But after that it just died everyone got bored of it. Basically all the same polls with different wording.

Got a Boyfriend out of this app

I was doing a question and it said who is you crush and he picked me and I got the question and I picked him and now we are dating ❤️ I recommend this app TBH this is the best app ever the only thing it that you have to wait 53 minuets and that is a long time to sender 15 Question but I still like it I will give this app 4 out of 5 stars 😲😃


This app is great an all, but it needs some work, for example the app will tell me I’ve received something and nothings there!? That doesn’t make sense to me. And I wish it would Kramer ya look through others account to see how many gems they have and which ones they don’t.


just make it be able to go back on a skip

Best Gme

tbh this is the best game ever


TBH is a great way for me to be able to see what people around me and at my school think of me, without them actually telling me and vice versa. I really wish they would add middle schools to the list because I can’t join an entire school yet and can only find four friends of mine so far that have it. I also wish they would let you be able to search by names instead of just usernames when looking for friends. Overall, though, I really love this app!

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