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Love it

So fun!!

This app is so addictive!!


Confusing but all my friends play it. I don't understand it, AT ALL! What am I supposed to do? Found my cousin and some friends tho.


Cool idea. I think it's cool to know what friends say about you, but not know which one.

Cool app

Cool app


I love this app so much. It's so fun to see what other people think about you and it's also fun voting


I was mistaken before. This app is truly cool. I love it! It's a great way for people to complement you and you complement people!

Love it

I'm a giraffe

SMS code

I keep clicking send another code but it always says error and it never sends please help me


Great app, but only 12 questions every 2 hours???

New States

I love the app for the little I have been able to use it. Kansas has some of the best schools in the country, and I think would be a great addition. Lots of kids at the brand-new, $88 Million Olathe West High School, and the other 4 High Schools in the District are begging for it to happen. The concept is great, the design is great, and now it just needs to be avaliable fo everyone so that they can experience it for real!

Good vibes only

I got this app because many of my fiends on Snapchat were posting screenshots of their gems on it. At first I thought it would be another anonymous bullying app and that downloading it would just make me self-conscious. But, it has many positive vibes and since installing I've been more and more self-confident! Definitely five stars!


This app has helped me a lot. It shows me who is really my friends because I post it on snap and the person tells me it is them. I even had my crush do a TBH for would ask them out if I had the guts and he said it was him. This app helped me find great friends and my crush and me are dating now -Beingme30


Genuinely a really great app, really fun to play with friends, but the location thing gets very annoying🙄


Says it's not available in my state???

Is cool

like it ig


all the comments are super nice !!! good vibes!!! unlike all the others



not bad

it’s fun for now


It's mucho lit fam. Lots of memes.

Best app in the world 💜❤️💖

MUST HAVE ❤️💖❤️💖❤️💖💖😃💖😃💖😃💖😃💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖😘💖😘😃😘💖😘💖💖😘😘💖💖

It's fun

I wish you had an option to let the person know that you said they are awesome


Good app

Everyone needs this

This app is so much fun! No negativity. This is a great way to see what people think about you

I love this app ❤️

I love this app but it would be cool to be able to anonymously message the person who picked you for something 👍

Good app

It's a good app overall, all of my friends are using it as well but it might die out very quick😭😭

Best app of sep./oct. 2017

This app is great and will mot waste your time. If you are ever board you come on here and find out what people think about you and tell people what you think about them anonymously.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️5 stars!!!!

Wholesome app ♡

This app spreads so much positivity, and makes people feel really happy. The polls are also pretty good. Good app. 10/10 would recommend 👌🏼

The best

I love it so much and It makes me feel good about myself

Great app

People can only send positive messages. No bullying on this app! Great app!

TBH Review

This app is pretty fun and enjoyable


Love this app


It rly helps with my self esteem❤️❤️

Other states?

Hurry! All the other states are just waiting and waiting! Please get them up as quickly as possible! Xx


There should be a way to sign up with email instead of phone :/


So fun I just wish u could see who chose you

Best app

This app is awesome!! I love how none of the polls are negative everyone of them can make u smile!


This app is so cool and it's anonymous


After I downloaded the app, it tells me to select my age. After that it wants me to allow my location and allow my contacts. I can allow permission to my location but when I press allow for contacts, it’s say oops and takes me to the app in settings. The contacts don’t show up in the settings to allow permission. I even go click on privacy and click on contacts and nothing shows up. Does anyone have/ had this problem or anyone know how to fix this? I can’t use the app without it


I really wanna use this app because my friend has this in a different state.

Amazing for kids in school

This app is amazing because you can be completely honest and no one knows that is was you to make it awkward.


It won't send me a verification message i've been trying for days and even sent it again after 2 minutes many of times


This app is so amazing



This app is awesome haven’t gotten any adds and is super lit

No adds really fun to play with friends


I love it soooo


totally obsessed with tbh i am always on it with my bffs and we love it




As you can see this is the most fire game ever

Would be 5 but:

I can't sign up, whenever I try to enter my phone number, it says it's not valid!

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