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I mean it is okay just clicking a bunch of buttons but it’s fun tho

One of the best

This is one of the funniest apps I’ve ever seen!


POOP HEHE i like it


It was good for like a week then know one goes on it anymore




Tbh is a really fun app and I love it every time I get a gem and every time I see the ratings everyone gets each I time I hide them. Surprisingly, no one is getting bullied and it’s perfect. One thing is that you don’t get to find the exact people you are looking for without searching or seeing options of random people. I say they put in something like an email or username for a popular app and see people you know


Very good

So fun. but gems

I wish i could use the gems for more

Fun Positive Ad-Free Time-Killer!

If you got some time to waste, this is the app for it. It seems to never have ads, so that’s a plus! It reveals a lot of things you didn’t know, like who thinks you have a great smile, and nice things like that! I like how this app is also 100% Positive. I would recommend this app for anyone who likes Sarahah or any other app that’s similar to this.


It’s awesome



It WAS great...

I really like this app, but recently they’ve launched an update that they haven’t explained well enough. It shows who’s a “rising star” on the polls and who are the top people rated. It has a lot of different things in the little bar that it says, and I don’t know what most of them mean. Please add a section in FAQ’s to explain this.

I hate this app

Don’t get this app!!!! It’s stupid. Whyyyyyyyy ???????? It’s a five star app.


This is a good game thing but it has notifications and know one knows what there for

Very fun

I play this with my friends all the time. It rlly boosts my confidence by hearing all these nice things


Still waiting for worldwide availability

Best app ever!

I’m on this app all the time it’s so addicting!

It’s Okay

It is a great way to be honest about your friends without anyone knowing who said it but I hate how you have to wait for more questions.

Very fun

I love it But dose not have the school I go to and I was hard to get used to but I really recommend it and it is awesome.👍👍


I just started this app, and so far it is amazing 😉

Love this app!

I absolutely love this app! I love how all the answers are positive! It makes my day when I get a nice tbh! Definitely better then sarahaha!


everyone told me to get tbh and i really wanted to, then when i got it, it would not send me the freakin code!!! my friend and i tried for an hour and we had the right phone number, and we redownloaded it and restarted my phone, and clicked the send code again at least a hundred times!! i don’t know what i did wrong, it just won’t send me the code!!! ughhhhhhh:((((((((


TBH is really fun and cool to do with my friends 🌹👏🏻





Best game ever

Best game ever


I have never seen an app as honest as tbh, but to be true the name means to be honest I get to hear opinions about me and I also love that you can skip a question because I asked a girl out and she rejected me and she is on tbh so when it says something like “want to ask that person out” I can just skip that question. TBH IS SO GOOD!!!!!!👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🙂🙂🙂🙂😀😀😀😀😃 I would recommend this app to everyone who is curious about what other people think about them.

AMAZING/Something you don’t need

This app is so fun, and you get to be honest to your friends and they can’t get mad at you! You are just telling them how you really feel about them...but I hate how it tells you the gender, I mean why do I need the gender I feel it is just stupid, because why do you need to know that! I feel it is just divideing our world more and more! But over all I love this app!

Best app

Best app ever!!!!!!!

I have an idea

K so when people reply to your tbh y’all should make a button to were you could reply anonymous so u could reply but have it be to were they still don’t know that it’s you


This game is so awesome! I love it so much, its really fun!!!💕


All of these people pick you and it’s always nice things sometimes it’s really funny things but there’s never anything mean. It’s the best app ever!!!


So much fun

Great app!!!

This app is great except I just wish the old people that answer your questions weren’t so rude and demanding

I don’t know...

It was fun the first few times, and having people chose u for things. But after awhile, it got boring cause it’s only fun when the opposite gender chooses u and somethings when u want to know who it is, they don’t tell u.

Pretty Awesome

Fun game. It improved a lot. Now I can write bad things about certain people.


Very good app no problems



FOOD (Pringles are awesome)


Needs more excitement

All of my friends were in love with it for a week and then everyone threw it like trash and deleted it because it was getting boring.


My app has been glitching but all in all it’s fun to see what people think of me.


This is such a cool app I love it so much!!!

Not To Bad

I don't personally mind this app. It is a great way to spread positivity around and makes me smile every time I open a TBH. There is a downfall though. I dislike how a skip is worth as much as actually picking a person. Also I wish that the shuffle was unlimited. Other than that I do like this app very much.


I downloaded this app a couple weeks ago and I’m already addicted! It’s so cool to see what other people think of you (in a positive way) and you don’t know who they are. I would recommend this app to anyone over the age of 13

Cool app

I can see know everything is so clear ❤️

Great app

This app is very fun and functional. I love the navigation and how easy it is to use. It is also ALL good things for the questions, never anything rude. Overall it’s pretty great. I love the fact that it is totally anonymous as well. Feel free to turn notifications on, they won’t spam as long as your friends don’t 🙂 GREAT!


I think when you go to reply to someone your name shouldn’t pop up when you reply to them. So you can reply to them, but they won’t know who you are unless you tell them


Great app and fun too!! But the notifications can get annoying...some of them are pointless.

This app is amazing!

An app where you can vote anyone for anything!! And they won’t even know it’s you.

J cool

It’s cool

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